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The Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program has a variety of opportunities for undergraduate college students, K-12 educators, and high school students. We announce these program opportunities at various times throughout the year. When these opportunities are available they will be posted on the Reduced Gravity website under the corresponding funding group. As a participant on our mailing list you will be the first to receive these opportunities. We will also inform you of other reduced gravity education flight program information that might become available. We will not release or retransmit your e-mail address or contact information to any other source.


  • First access to all program announcements
  • Opportunity to participate in one of the world's most elite and one of a kind educational and research opportunities.
  • Research pertinent to your school work and/or current and future career work
  • Work with NASA personnel
  • Experience of a lifetime


“I really enjoyed my experience working with NASA. It allowed me to work on experiments I never would have been able to otherwise. I have completely enjoyed myself.”

“This week was an amazing experience for my crew and I. We learned a bunch about NASA, and it is making me think more about what career I want to pursue when I get older, maybe even come work with NASA.”

“Thanks so much for the experience! Now I know the sky is NOT the limit and to dream big! The experience was wonderful for teaching students how to work together on a science project. I hope to do more things with NASA in the future.”

“This was without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience in multiple ways. Not only was it a ton of fun, but it offered insight into a very new field of research that I've become quite interested in.”

“This is a unique 'real-life' experience for students. Students really realize the consequences of poor planning and poor work ownership. Redesigning and rebuilding were an integrated part of the experience. It either works or not and they are responsible for some. It is a life altering experience.”

“The staff is amazing and they do such a great job at accommodating the needs of the teams during flight weeks. Everyone works their hardest to make sure the teams have a successful flight. The program in a nutshell is excellent; not only do you get to feel what it is like being an astronaut for two hours, but it is also an amazing engineering experience seeing a project go from start to finish. Everything is so well run; I can't say enough about it!”

“I enjoyed this experience so much. We had some issues with our experiment, but we were able to fly because everyone here at NASA helped us to improve our project. Thank you for allowing us to participate in such a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“From day one every aspect of the microgravity program was informative, on-time, and professional. This is an AMAZING experience for students and instructions, expectations, scheduling, and support were all beyond my expectations. Because of my participation in the program I will be able to communicate how amazing it is to be here and better recruit future students who would be interested. I'm truly grateful to be here. Thank you!”

“Participating in this program has opened my eyes to my capacity and enjoyment of applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. By working for a year on an interesting interdisciplinary project with my team I have gained an appreciation for the hard work, collaboration, and creative thinking that goes into research and NASA Operations. By talking to astronauts we learned of their frequent back pain and spinal elongation in space and through RGEFP we were able to design and build a model of the spine to test how it changes in microgravity. I had never imagined that I would be able to put my love of biology and engineering together in such an interesting undertaking, and the opportunity to fly zero-G and visit JSC has been an invaluable experience that will always remain among my treasured memories.”

“This was a great experience that I could only dream of happening to me. I will never forget this experience and it will change me forever.”